Jayden’s time at the TLD has been brilliant.  It’s a family nursery and that’s exactly how he has been treated - as part of the family. 

The team are caring, kind and have raised Jayden in such a way I expect he won’t want to leave.  The girls have all become his friend and made him the happy little boy he is today (with the odd crazy tantrum thrown in to boot! :) )


Thank you xxx

Deciding upon a nursery for your child can be a challenging undertaking. And one rarely decided upon easily. 

Our decision, as parents, was truly a life changing one. 

The Little Day Nursery has provided or little girl with; education, care, safety, balanced discipline, friendship and love. This over a period of around 2 years. 

The nursery is owned by a wonderful daughter and mother partnership, supported by qualified, skilled and dutiful staff. 

The nursery is spacious with different rooms split to cater for all age groups. There's a secure outside play areas, all connected to St James Business office. Parking is available for easy drop off and pick up. Being next to the bus depot makes it that more fun in singing 'the wheels on the bus ...'

I wouldn't hesitate in choosing the nursery and only feel really gutted our little one has to grow up to go to school'

Sally and all the lovely ladies at Little Day have created such a wonderful environment for all of the children, we could not have asked for a better nursery for our little girl. We have never had any issues with Eva not wanting to go in as she was just so excited to play and have fun. They always provide delicious healthy food and it’s great to know how much and what Eva has eaten throughout the day, we are often very jealous reading the menu! Any special requests we have had have always been considered and put into action, nothing seems to be too much for them. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and anyone choosing Little Day will not be disappointed! 




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Unit 18 St James Business Centre, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington WA4 6PS, UK

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