Our Mealtimes

We offer a rolling breakfast from 7.30am until 8.30am for those children who come to nursery early and perhaps don’t want their breakfast before leaving home.


A mid- morning snack at 10am, lunch at 11.30am and finally snack (which is always reasonably substantial) at 3pm.


Milk is served with the morning snack and at other times in the day if required.  All children have access to their own water bottle and are encouraged to drink from this freely during the day.


Whilst our approach to learning in the nursery is flexible and led by the children’s interests etc. at mealtimes we have a more formal structure where sitting at the table properly and good manners are encouraged.


We offer home cooked fresh food and whilst we are keen to promote vegetables and healthy eating into their daily diet we do also offer some treats we know the will enjoy.


A typical menu would look like this:

Breakfast -cereal or porridge in winter and or toast with a drink of water

Mid-morning snack – assorted fresh fruit and toast with a drink of milk

Lunch – Minced Beef Hot Pot with vegetables followed by Rice pudding served with a drink of water

Afternoon snack – Assorted sandwiches (or similar) a piece of fruit and cake or jam tart (or similar) served with a drink of water




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