Our Baby Room

Our baby room is a calm, sunny and comforting space where the babies can explore and learn safely at their own pace. Filled with toys and soft areas it’s a home from home so your little one feels as happy and relaxed as they do with you.
Peaceful sleep is very important to us and at sleep times all our babies sleep in cots with their own toys and the room is kept calm and dark to soothe them to sleep.
To ensure your baby has all the individual attention and support they need we have a minimum of one team member to three babies. All staff are fully trained in pediatric first aid. 
We work closely with you to understand the best routine for your baby. And when you come to pick them up, we share detailed notes on everything they have done so you have a daily window into their world with us.

Our Preschool Room

Our pre-school room is a huge, bright, vibrant space broken up into lots of different activity areas from sand and water to a library corner to dressing up areas.
Children tend to start in our preschool room from around age 2 until they leave for big school and we break up activities based on their development stage.
Our philosophy is that children blossom and learn from exploring their imagination and so all our play is child-led. Each day we take inspiration from what they are interested in to create a daily play plan and then through that play, our experienced staff introduce other skills and activities that encourage your child’s development - so they learn unconsciously and at their own pace, through fun.

Our Garden

At the rear of our Nursery we have our playground and garden.  Away from the noise and rush of the traffic it’s a calm oasis for children to play and learn.
The playground has a soft surface so running is as safe as we can make it. We have a mud kitchen, sand pit, slide not to mention our lovely Wigwam.
There are lots of cars and scooters to ride upon or games to play with staff and friends and we try to go out every day at least once so the children get fresh air and can run around to their hearts content.
They are always supervised and the same ratios apply outside as they do inside.
During the nice weather the babies spend time on our grass area which is a safe place to explore.   During the winter months we take them out in prams, all wrapped up, to enjoy the fresh air.
Just outside the playground we have a small grassed area which is shaded in the summer from the strong sunlight.  Here we can have picnics and plant flowers and vegetables.  We have our own vegetable patch where the children can learn how things grow and have small responsibilities for looking after ‘their’ plant. 
We strive to make learning through play fun and enjoyable for all the children no matter how young.




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